Rob Smith and Charles Danby first entered the quarry together in 2011, seeking the site of an artwork made by Robert Smithson for the 1969 exhibition When Attitudes Become Form at the ICA. What they found was that the site became mirrored and what followed was an ongoing exploration of these multiple quarries.


Qaurry Trailer 2013. Charles Danby & Rob Smith

In a talk in Southampton in 2013, Nancy Holt recalled that while she and Smithson were touring Britain in 1969 they were listening to Windmills in my mind from the soundtrack of the 1969 film The Thomas Crown Affair. This video remixs the trailer from the film with images from our field work and explorations of the Quarry in its multiple form.


The Quarry, IMT Gallery, 2013. Charles Danby & Rob Smith

Oxted, York, Yorkshire, England. Multiple sites emerged from their investigations, tracing the strata of chalk from a quarry overlooking the M25 in Surrey to the cliffs of Flamborough Head. Multiplication manifested itself in the work in the form of anaglyph images, split screens, improvising with the doubling of images, working together in the quarries we visited.




Dicovering Neptune, 2012. Charles Danby & Rob Smith. 2 channel synchronised anaglyph video.




Conglomerate Leave Stone 2013.



Oxted England 2011. Charles Danby & Rob Smith. Installed Two Queens, Leicester.


Exhibited at:

Oxted England Two Queens, Leicester. 2012
The Quarry IMT Gallery, London. 2013
Site Exploration Group show Cube Gallery, Phoenix, Leicester. 2014
Revisiting The Quarry Symposium at Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2014