A changing field of colour is reflected from a mirror, tracing a path across the space of my studio, highlighting the elements of the apparatus that compose this work. The mirror is mounted on an astronomical telescope mount that is programmed to track the position of the Moon. It constantly moves to an unseen body and points to a horizon beyond the walls of the space.

NorthStudioMoonSea is an artwork that connects the architecture of the studio, with an expanded site of the North Sea. It is an assemblage of things; bags of sea water, electrical currents, projections, the orbit of the Moon, computer, cables, concrete, some dolly wheels, multiple images of the North Sea distributed across the internet and someone else’s shelving. It is a set of processes and materials which are both interrelated and contingent. These materials each have different effects at differing scales within the programme of the work, as the computer scrapes images from the internet using the search term ‘North Sea’, breaks them into their constituent pixels and redistributes their colours within the space of the work.