Remote Viewing is a method for visualising a site at a distance using parapsychological means. The target of this session carried out with the artists collective AAS was a data buoy monitoring environmental conditions in the North Sea. A group of researchers were gathered in a studio at Baltic39, Newcastle and were connected to the remote viewers who were in London via a one way skype connection so that the session could be monitored. This page gathers some of the impressions from the session.

Talk us through the model?

Right, so…

I feel like I should... Imagine human scale to be about the size of the lighter. That is human scale, but it isn’t a person. The lighter isn’t a person, it is maybe some kind of ornamental thing that is for redirecting people through the space. It could be a stone block with a plant pot on it or something like that but it is about… it cuts up the space.

These things could be [pointing to the books laid down in the foreground], are like, kinda like stone forms. They are probably combinations of things so they have like different functions, they might break up the space, stop people moving through but could also like be softened by… there might be seating areas or something. It might be the sort of thing where you can get information or you can buy something. But their main purpose is to break up the space.

Umm, that is this one and this one um. [pointing again] They are vague, what they look like they are there to do. They don’t advertise their presence they are quite discreet. Where as these things [pointing to the pair of vertically arranged blocks] are, kind of… I don’t really know. They’re… they’re definitely meant to display something quite authoritative, they are symmetrical in the space. Definitely symmetrical in the space, kind of columns ,or, they might not even be solid something like flags or something but they are very , where as these are discreet , these are very much meant to be directing you when you come in. I imagine you enter the space somewhere back here and you come in and it is rising up at the back.

This feels like [gesturing to the toilet paper draped at the back], these are the soft moving fabrics that I imagined at the beginning it could be kind of hangings or a banner or… or it might be flags. It might be something stuck to the wall that is just moving incidentally or like something that is meant to be moving. Umm this is a kind of solid wall at the back but it has glass in it, uur, you can go through it, this whole thing is like a threshold. Going through from softer to harder. It might stop you at any point here, before you are allowed to come through here. It is a very controlled space, at the same time it is not trying to be directly adversarial but ultimately it is rigid.

Can you hear me? [Laughs]

Transcript from Remote Viewing session 26 February 2016.
Remote viewing by Ralph Dorey and AAS.